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Frequently Asked Questions:

Apart from baby camping gear, what else do you need to know when it is your first time to go camping with your sweet baby?  Find out by reading the questions and answers below.


Baby Camping Gear and More:

Learning the Camping Essentials for You and Baby


Camping has been your all-time favorite activity and it is the perfect season to go out.  What do you do?  Instead of tagging along with your usual camping buddies, you opted to just stay at home because you think that it is not good to bring your grumpy angel to camp.  Don’t worry.  We can give you some advice on how camping with baby can be made possible.


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of camping with your baby?

If you are an adventurous or outdoorsy type of person, it is great to start influencing your baby while he or she is still young.  You will have time to bond as a family during your camping trips.  Additionally, he or she will learn to travel low maintenance.

If you dislike packing then camping will surely come as a tiring activity for you.


2.  What kind of tent is best for families with babies?

Buy tents that are spacious and roomy.  This way, you won’t feel cramped if you are keeping huge company.  A big tent also accommodates more toys, luggage, and people.  If you don’t feel like camping in the woods, the huge tent can double as venue for your parties and other special events held in your backyard.  This way, you get more for the tent you paid for.  Pretty cool, right?


 3.  Where is a good location to camp out?

It is best to if you pick a place near good bathrooms.  This is best if you have babies.  Another great spot is anywhere near civilization.  This way, you have better chance of getting to resources needed during emergency situations.


4.  What is the most important baby camping gear that parents must take with them?

Believe me, there are plenty of camping essentials for baby.  Please take down notes if you don’t want to forget them.

Buy a bassinet that is versatile and easy to handle.  You should be able to use this as a crib during sleeping time.  Just remember to buy one with dark colors as everything tends to get dirty in the woods.

Babies cry out loud when they are cold so make sure to bring extra sleep sacks and blankets to keep baby warm.  Hats and bonnets help as well.

Baby carriers or baby carrier backpacks are useful as you will be able to use both hands while carrying baby to and from the campsite.

Of course, you will need baby clothes.  Bring two or more of everything especially if baby likes to play around the dirt.  Diapers, baby wipes, milk and food, are important as well.

Don’t forget some bug spray and sunscreen for added protection.  Others take a portable high chair with them.  Pick one that can be attached to picnic tables.  This will keep baby safe during eating and playing.

Believe me, you will need a headlamp.  This is very efficient when changing diapers at night because both of your hands are free to change your baby.

Lastly, don’t forget his favorite toy or expect tantrums your way.  This will help calm the baby and help him sleep.


We hope that the list of baby camping gear in this post will help you get started in your camping tradition with baby.  Happy camping!

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