Toddler Travel Bed VS. Travel Crib: Which To Buy?

toddler travel bedToddler travel bed or travel crib?  It’s travel time and you are about to pack you and your little one’s things.  The question is, which would you choose to bring for your sweet one’s bedding?  This short post will give you an idea on which to pack.

You are going for a trip of a lifetime.  There is just a teeny tiny problem.  Your sweet and adorable angel, depending on the mood, has nothing or nowhere to sleep.  You might probably think that since they take up little space, considering their sleeping area will not be a problem.  However, this is not always the case.

Need we remind you that it is already difficult to have them go to sleep at home?  How much more if they will be sleeping in an unfamiliar and uncharted territory for them?  This only means one thing.  If they can’t sleep, you can’t either.  Good bye happy and memorable trip.  Hello tired and sleepless nights.  See the problem now?

Now, that you see the big picture, let us proceed to why you need to decide between a toddler travel bed and a travel crib.

Toddler Travel Bed VS. Travel Crib

Do you already own a toddler travel bed or a travel crib?  Or are you considering buying one to prepare for your upcoming trip?  Whatever your reason is for reaching this post, I am sure you are quite confused by now and want to know the answer straight away.  Here is our take.

Age Consideration

When considering which to buy, here is the question you need to ask:  how old is the child who will use the bedding?

If your youngster is less than two years of age, the travel crib is your best and safest choice.  Why?  The crib is safe enough to keep your baby contained while he or she is fall asleep.  This travel necessity has high walls hence, he or she will not fall off even with too much rolling and moving around as this type of bed is suited for this age.

If your child is almost two years old or is already two, then this is another story.  We suggest that you take a look at what your child is using at home.  If he or she is still comfortable sleeping in a crib at home, then secure a travel crib for him.  But if your tot is too big for their age, you will need to acquire a crib that is bigger and more spacious.

If your two-year old child is now used to dozing in a bed made for toddlers, then you should consider buying a toddler travel bed.

For those kids who are older than two, parents should definitely buy a toddler travel bed.  Your child can use this bed until he reaches about six years old.

The good thing about these travel beds is that they are extremely handy.  They are also made for travel so they are more durable than regular beds.  There are even other travel beds that can be easily folded into a travel seat.  Talk about versatility.

If your bigger (or older) kid is still not ready for a toddler travel bed, then you will need to find a baby tent.  This portable tent will provide the enclosure or containment that your kid needs to feel safe and secured.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is look at what you are using at home nightly.  If your child still uses a crib, then go for a travel crib. But if your angel is comfortable with a bed then, by all means, buy a toddler travel bed.

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