Guide to Buying Baby Bonnets

baby bonnets

Baby clothes such as baby bonnets are so fun to buy.  There are different and cute designs to pick from that it becomes so hard to choose from among them.  These baby bonnets offer more than fun and fashion though.  They offer added protection for baby against the heat of the sun.  Therefore, it is […]

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Raincoats for Kids: Shopping Guide

Who says you don’t need raincoats for kids for camping?  No one!  Whether you like or not, rain can just start pouring in and you can’t make it stop just because you were not prepared enough to have one handy for your kids.  If you intend to buy one today, check out this shopping guide. […]

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Baby Sun Hat: How to Make Your Baby Wear It

baby sun hat

Does your little one adore or hate the baby sun hat?  Moms all over the world have been complaining about their baby’s lack of interest when it comes to donning this fashionable yet protective head gear.  This post will help you learn how to make your baby wear a sun hat.   Baby Sun Hat: […]

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