Osprey Poco Plus: Carrier Review

osprey poco plus

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Are you familiar with the Osprey Poco Plus or do you want to learn more about it?  Looking for a review is a smart choice.  After all, you will want to get your money’s worth so it is only proper that you research about a product prior to buying it.  Correct?  This post aims to give you an unbiased review of this famous hiking baby carrier.


Osprey Poco Plus:  Things To Love About It

The market is teeming with different baby carriers as companies strive to compete against each other.  Each wants to provide what the consumers want and need.  Therefore, selecting the perfect baby carrier is a big dilemma for parents most especially those with an active lifestyle.

Below are the things that we found noteworthy about the osprey poco plus carrier:

  • The carrier has a mesh back panel.  This means comfort for the wearer as air just passes through.
  • The hipbelt is adjustable so it fits parents or guardians of different sizes.  This is an important factor to consider as this supports most of the child’s weight.  Since it is padded and adjustable, the wearer is comfortable even during long hikes.
  • It has a removable sunshade which is especially designed for easy storing or deploying.  You can buy a separate rain-cover too.
  • The stirrups are removable and modifiable which is most useful for parents with taller and older children.
  • The torso length can also be adjusted.  This is incredible for us because this means that wearer of different heights (and size) can wear this.
  • The well-padded straps are placed in the kid’s shoulder area.   This is great for the wearer because they can simply adjust the straps to accommodate kids of various age and size.  This also means that you can smoothly get your kid in and out of the pack in no time.  Other carriers have straps in the crotch which is really difficult to adjust.
  • Thank God the Osprey Poco Plus has drool pads that can be effortlessly removed.  Cleaning up makes it a whole lot easier.


Osprey Poco Plus:  Features That Need Improvement

Every product has its own pros and cons.  Osprey Poco Plus, although already fantastic, was not exempted to this fact.  Here are the things that we think needs improvement:

  • The shoulder strap has built in cell phone pocket.  This was a thoughtful move but the current smartphones don’t fit into it.  They are not big enough for what we have today.  However, not everyone chooses to bring their phones with them during the hike so this minor setback can be negligible for some.
  • Sometimes, the strap covers the zipper in the hipbelt.  This makes the zipper hard to access.  It is a disadvantage especially if you are in a hurry to get something from that compartment.

Other than those two mentioned, we haven’t found anything else worth complaining about.


Osprey Poco Plus: Conclusion

It is a must to invest in a durable baby carrier especially if you do a lot of outdoor adventure.  Our suggestion is that you need to try and research about different products prior to purchasing them.  As much as possible, buy one that is top notch even if it means extending your baby carrier budget as this concerns your baby’s comfort and safety.

This review is based on our opinions though.  If you really want to get a better look and feel of the product, we suggest that you try the Osprey Poco Plus yourself before buying.

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