Kids Camping Gear: What to Bring When Camping with Babies and Kids

kids camping gearYou need kids camping gear when you are going camping with babies, infants, and toddlers.  Of course this is essential as children need their own things too.  Did you think that it was going to be easier for you?  Think again.  Fortunately, we have prepared a list that you can follow to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable for you and your family.

Kids Camping Gear: Preparation

Camping with children requires more preparation, planning, and patience.  You need to look into every detail to make sure that your child is comfortable during the trip.  Otherwise, you and your child will never look at nature the same way again.

For this reason, you will need the essential tools and, believe me, all the help that you can to ensure a great family camping trip.

First of all, research about your camping site.  Where will you be camping?  What are the available facilities?  How long will it take to get to the site?  Find out as much as you can and make sure that you have the list of all the answers.

After which, you will need to create a list of everything that you need based on the answers that you got from inquiring about your camp site.  Again, make a list.  I cannot stress out how important this is as this will be useful during preparation, before you go to the site, during the camp, and as you head home.

Make sure that you use your list before you drive out to your site and as you pack the car.  But if you are not sure with what you need, you can do a dry run on your backyard.  Camp out and take out every kids camping gear that you have and see if you have everything that you need to set up your site.  This is also a great idea to ease your baby into liking camping.


Kids Camping Gear: What to Pack

Apart from your own camping supplies, here are the things that you need to bring if you are camping with babies and toddlers:

  • Food
    • Sippy cup if baby is already drinking water or formula milk
    • Baby food, masher, and grinder if baby is already eating solid foods
    •  Bib
    • Camp kitchen kit, thermos
  • Clothes
    • Extra everything so you can layer clothes in case weather gets too cold
    • Rain gear, heavy coat, hoodie, hats, beanies, gloves, and what you have to keep head and neck warm
    • Bathing suits
    • Pajamas – if you want, you can buy pajamas that cover even the feet
    • Socks, water shoes, rain shoes, snow boots
  • Tidying up
    • Clothesline, clothes pin
    • Diapers, wet wipes, wet bags
    • Spray bottle and hand sanitizer for clean up
    • Bath tub (if possible) so you can bathe baby in warm water in case shower or stream water is too cold
    • Tweezers, nail clippers
  • Baby carrier – backpack carrier to carry baby or toddler during the hike, or sling or any other soft carrier to use in the camp
  • Toys
    • Any favorite stuffed animal or toy, rattles, chew toys
    • Favorite blanket
    • Story book
    • Beach baby tent or any other waterproof cloth as makeshift play area if you don’t have a portable play pen in hand
    • Papers, pencils, crayons, books, and coloring books
    • Kiddie bucket, shovel, and containers for storing mementos such as leaves, rocks, and sticks
  • Safety and protection
    • Mosquito net to keep the creepy crawlers and mosquitoes off at night
    • First aid kit for both babies and toddlers
    • Whistle for older kids and bells to attach to the kids so you will know where they are
    • Flashlight, headlight (for parents to easily change diaper at night)
    • Life vest
    • Baby tent, sunscreen
  • Travel bed or bassinet, portable pen, clip-on high chair


Kids Camping Gear: Additional Tips

Remember that you are out camping so expect lots of dirt.  Your little children will get dirty so don’t lose your temper when they are playing with dirt.  Don’t worry as you can just wash them off later.

Also, toddlers will want to put dirt into their mouths so be aware of this.  Children will usually spit out dirt because it does not taste good.  If you try to stop them, they will try even harder just to know what dirt tastes like.  Let them discover the foul taste by themselves and they will stop trying to eat it.

Babies are not a big problem to carry but toddlers are as they are heavier.  If they don’t want to walk, you will have no choice but to carry them.


Kids Camping Gear: Conclusion

You can start from the list of kids camping gear that we have presented in this post.  You can add more items as needed in your camp site.  Also, don’t stress out too much if you think that you have packed too much.  Remember that there is no such thing as overpacking kids camping gear.

Happy Camping!

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