Infantino Baby Carrier: Different Types for Different Needs

infantino baby carrier

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Which Infantino baby carrier do you like best?  Of course, there are a number of models to choose from depending on what you will use it for.  Choosing one will be very tricky for you so let this post guide you in making your selection.


Infantino Baby Carrier:  Types and Functions

The Infantino baby carrier brand has been featured in several parenting websites and magazines as they are known to provide exactly what parents need for their babies.  In addition to that, they are pocket-friendly, therefore making them a favorite heirloom in families.

If you are on the lookout for the best Infantino baby carrier for your specific need, here are some of the baby carriers that you can take note of:


1. Infantino Swift Classic Baby Carrier – this model is best for households that enjoy family trips every now and then.  This carrier is sturdy yet compact.  You can easily place your diaper bag and other things in the stroller.

With a simple modification, you can change baby’s position from inward to outward facing.  Mess will not be a problem as it comes with a bib cover.  Moving in and out of the carrier is not a problem as well due to its front buckling system.  Best of all, it provides added comfort for parent’s back as it has an adjustable back strap.

Parents love its affordability which makes it a favorite.  It has pads that offer head support for newborns.  It is machine safe so you can clean it with your washing machine.  Because of its material, you can just wipe the mess clean.

There are drawbacks to this product though.  Only babies up to 25 pounds can use this Infantino baby carrier.  Plus, this is not recommended to be used all day.


2. Infantino Infinity Convertible 5-in-1 Baby Carrier – is a multipurpose Infantino baby carrier.  As the name implies, it has a lot of uses.  Aside from accommodating three different carrying positions, it can be also used to switch any chair into a baby seat.  What’s more is that it can also be used as a shopping cart seat.  Wow! Talk about versatility!

It can cater babies that weigh as much as 26 pounds.  On top of that, it provides comfort for the parents as it has shoulder pads for even distribution of weight.  You can use your washing machine to keep it clean.  Plus, the breathable material keeps your baby dry.

The only downside of this product is that it takes getting used to considering that it has too many functions thereby making it difficult to switch from one use to another.  Having said so, it is not for the parent who is always on the go.


These are just two of the many baby carrier favorite from Infantino.  It is up to you now to choose which one fits your needs best.  Regardless of the model that you want to go for, one thing is for sure.  Infantino baby carriers will not be recommended by trusted sites and magazines if they have not proven their worth.  What do you think?

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