Hiking Baby Carrier: Additional Safety Measures When Using

hiking baby carrier

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How do you keep you and your baby safe when using a hiking baby carrier?  This post will give you tips on keeping you both secured as you use your dependable carrier.

Hiking Baby Carrier: Safety Precautions When Using

Ensuring you and your baby’s safety does not stop after you have checked the material and carefully selected your hiking baby carrier.  You have to exert some effort as well and employ the safety precautions that we are about to share with you.

  • Ensure baby’s comfort inside the carrier.  Does he or she snugly fit in it?  Does the carrier provide full support for the baby’s neck and head as they are inside the hiking baby carrier?  Will the baby’s legs be scraped or scratched by the holes?  Make adjustments in the carrier if you notice that your baby seems to be uncomfortable in it.
  • Tighten the baby’s straps so he or she does not climb out of the carrier while you are on transit.  Not doing so will cause severe injuries such as concussions and fractures.  There are many reported cases of children that fall from their carriers.
  • Double check everything before using and going – the straps, buckles, adjustments, seams, and the material itself.  Those can get broken or easily open.  There are other times when those tools are incorrectly used therefore causing trouble for baby.
  • Older children inside a hiking backpack carrier usually have their heads higher than yours.  For that reason, you need to be extra careful of branches, door frames, and other objects above your head.
  • Are you in your best shape?  Are you capable of carrying the weight of the hiking baby carrier plus the baby?  Take shorter trips or hikes at first if you are still getting accustomed to the feel of the carrier.  This is especially true if you have never done this before with your child.  Remember that your cargo is your fragile little angel so take it easy.
  • Does the pack fit you well?  Are you wearing the right shoes?  Make sure that you are also comfortable using the carrier.  Don’t wear flip flops too as this won’t give you the support that you need for the hike.
  • You are carrying an added weight so you will sweat more.  Take much needed stops or breaks during your hike so both of you can rest.  Drink lots of fluids to keep you well hydrated.
  • Check your baby from time to time.  They can become overly exposed to the sun without your knowledge.  Or maybe the holes for the legs or arms can be too tight that circulation is cut.  Again, all this makes breaks essential.
  • One trick to easily check your baby is to use a mirror.  You won’t need to remove the baby from the carrier when doing so.
  • Don’t just lean or bend over when you are carrying your baby inside the pack.  If you really need to pick up something in the ground, bend your knees and NOT your waist to keep the baby from slipping from the pack.
  • A hiking backpack carrier can only accommodate one child at a time.  Do not carry more than one child in it.  It cannot be used for contact sports, or as a substitute for a car seat.  Its main purpose is for hiking so stick to what it is made for.

These are just some of the tips that we can give you to ensure safety in using a hiking baby carrier.

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