Best Pack and Play: Buying Guide

best pack and play

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What do you think makes the best pack and play?  Do you already have the list of things to consider when buying one?  If not yet, then you have come to the right place.  Let us help you.


Best Pack and Play: Defined

The best pack and play is what every parent needs as it is useful especially if your family likes to take long trips.  Pack and plays are foldable and extremely lightweight so setting up is a breeze whenever and wherever you want to.

Contrary to the traditional playpens available today, the new pack and plays come with added elements to keep your baby entertained.  They usually come with sounds, lights, and toy bars.

Apart from that, the best pack and play offers convenience because of their versatility.  With one modification, you can turn it into a changing station.  Pack and plays offer so much more.  Just head over to your nearest store to check them out.


Best Pack and Play:  What to Look For When Buying

Parents will always want the best for their little ones.  In buying your pack and play, make sure that you have the following features to keep you and your baby comfortable.

  1. Changing station – this component is usually on the topmost part of the pack and play for easy access.  With this, you can easily change your baby without having to bend down.  It is detachable so your child can safely play in the pen unobstructed.
  2. Bassinet – this is intended if you want to get the baby immediately from the pack and play.  However, ditch this feature if your baby starts to move around a lot as this may cause him to fall out of the bassinet.
  3. Light – pack and plays are named such for a reason – to be easily packed so that they can be carried to another location.  For this to be possible, the pack and play has to be light.  It needs to be handy enough to be able to fit in small areas when folded and light enough to be portable.
  4. Foldable – this is in connection to the previous item mentioned.  If you want to travel a lot, buy one that easily folds without the fuss.  Make sure that you test them out in the stores as there are other models that are too difficult to fold up.
  5. Comes with wheels – this is a no brainer.  Moving the best pack and play around becomes easier if the one you will get comes with wheels.  Just check if the wheels can be locked to make sure that baby is safe while inside the pen.

These are just five of the many essentials that you need to look for to determine the best pack and play.

Remember not to splurge on additional features that your baby won’t need for a long time though.  Focus on the basic ones to maximize the best pack and play.

Aside from keeping your baby safe with the necessary features that come with the best pack and play, it also gives parents like you peace of mind during your travel.  So what are you waiting for?  Buy one now.

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