Baby Tent: Things You Need to Know

baby tentAny outdoor activity with your child or baby will not be complete without a baby tent.  Why is this so?  Find out in this post.


Baby Tent Defined

You may have your wide-brimmed hat, or sunscreen for sun protection.  But are those enough for your child to stay away from getting burnt under the heat of the sun?  Nope.

If you are a parent, a thick coat of sunscreen on your child’s sensitive skin will not suffice.  Plus, there are so many things that can possibly go wrong with using too much sunscreen.  Right?  So to keep babies and children alike safe, parents usually go for a harmless baby tent.


Baby Tent:  Qualities to Look For When Buying

Now that we have established its importance in your outdoor (and even indoor) activities, let us now look at the points that we need to take into account when buying a baby tent.

Yes, there are points to consider.  You can’t just walk into a store and pick up anything that you want.  Remember that your child’s well-being is at stake here so you will need to think things through.  There is a massive collection of tents today so I assure you that choosing will not be easy.

The good thing is that we will guide you on your selection process.  Here are the qualities that you need to take note of:

  • Should supply 100% protection from the sun – yes, you need vitamin D but too much sun exposure causes sunburn, and worst, skin cancer.  Keep your little one under the warm shade by providing a good baby tent that keeps the sun out in all sides of the tent.  It should also provide protection from the harmful UV rays.
  • Has floor covering – weird? Actually, no.  There are some tents that don’t come with their own flooring.  This is a bit okay for the adults but not for babies or kids.  Why?  For instance, they might grab sand or dirt and put them into their mouth out of curiosity.  As a parent, you might not be able to see this unfold before your very eyes as you have some other things to do.   So to keep this kind of scenario from happening, you will need a baby tent with flooring.
  • Durable – you will want a tent that is stable and sturdy.  You will want to ensure that a strong, heavy wind or your child’s unruliness cause it to collapse.  The baby tent should remain upright at all times.
  • Light and portable – you already have a lot to carry with you on your trip so adding a baby tent that is too heavy will only dampen your mood.  As soon as you get to your destination, you are nothing but tired and all you want to do is sleep instead of enjoying the scenery.  For this reason, you need a baby tent that is light.
  • Easy to install – you will want something that is simple to set up and disassemble after use.  Again, you don’t want to child to be spending too much time out in the sun so the installation should be easy and swift as there is no time to waste.
  • Well ventilated – you don’t want your child to choke while inside the tent.  Correct?  Make sure that the one you are getting can let in air for them to breathe and cool them against the hot weather.

After reading all this, are you ready to go to the store to buy a baby tent?

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