Baby Sun Hat: How to Make Your Baby Wear It

baby sun hatDoes your little one adore or hate the baby sun hat?  Moms all over the world have been complaining about their baby’s lack of interest when it comes to donning this fashionable yet protective head gear.  This post will help you learn how to make your baby wear a sun hat.


Baby Sun Hat: Fashionable Protection For Your Baby’s Scalp and Neck

Whether you are out camping, going to the beach, or enjoying other activities under the sun, sun protection is important.  And what better way to protect your child?  By letting them wear a baby sun hat, of course!

The thing is, they can’t seem to want to put those hats on their heads.  They cry, throw a tantrum, and cry some more as soon as you put one on their heads.  If only you can apply sunscreen on their scalp (which is a big NO-NO).

So are you just going to let your baby scream their heads off, rip off the baby sun hat, and suffer from sunburn or force them to wear it for they own sake?  I will definitely choose the latter.  Here are the ways on how you can make them:

1. Start ‘em young.  Babies don’t come out into this world feeling like they know everything.  In fact, they are most likely oblivious to what their parents or guardians do to them.  This is the perfect opportunity for you.

During this period, you will need to put on the baby sun hat as often as you can so they can get used to it.  Make it a habit or routine every time you go outdoors so baby won’t have to fight with you every time you need them to put it on.

2. Set a good example.  A child tends to do what parents do so if you want them to wear their sun hat, wear yours too.  Learn to love it if you think that hats are not your style.  Sorry, but in order to make them follow, you must make them think that hats are cool.

3. Make sure that the hat fits well.  No one wants to wear a hat that is too tight.  A hat that is too big and obstructs vision is not comfortable either.  Adults avoid those so babies and kids won’t stand them as well.

Take out your measuring tape to determine your baby’s head size.  Use this measurement the next time that you buy a cute new baby sun hat so your little one will want to wear it on sunny days.  Buy one that is a little bigger than the measured sized to make space for growth. You need to ensure that the hat does not slip over his head.

4. Impose the sun hat-wearing as a rule.  You are a parent and you know better than to let them suffer under the scorching heat of the sun.  You don’t want them to toast so argue with your child if you must.

Your child will scream, throw fits, kick, and wiggle his way out of wearing the baby sun hat.  You will have to be firm about this decision.  I must warn you that the “argument” will take long depending on the stubbornness of your child so do not lose your patience.

He or she will try to rip the hat off his head so coolly put it back on without getting angry. Make him see that all the fussing won’t work.  Your baby will eventually learn to “like” wearing it the next time.

Here are just some techniques to make your angel wear the baby sun hat.  Do you have more ideas?

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