Baby Blanket: Types to Choose From

baby blanketA baby blanket is often used to help baby adjust to the temperature in their surroundings.  It is an essential and practical everyday tool so every parent must buy one.  However, there are things such as blanket types that you need to consider when buying one.  Read about them here.

There are various uses for a baby blanket.  You can use them to wrap or swaddle your baby with, to keep them warm while they sleep, or make them as a cushion to temporary place your baby on the floor.

It can help soothe a crying baby or calm a restless little one.  If you want, you can even use them as decorations for your nursery or your child’s room.  Mind you, these are just a few of the many uses of a baby blanket.

Because of its many uses, the blanket that you need to buy must be strong yet easy to wash and clean.  It has to withstand several washings.


Baby Blanket: Different Types

Parents can choose from among various materials, designs and prints, colors, sizes, and prices.  The blankets provide for baby’s different needs.  Here are the several types of baby blanket according to their uses:

  • Receiving – these are light blankets that you buy to envelop newborns and infants with.  In addition to that, they make as good wipes for drools and other mess that babies usually make.  They are generally around 30 inches in size.  Because of their size and usefulness, parents keep a handful of them.
  • Swaddling – for wrapping newborn babies securely, these types of blankets are often used.  They frequently serve to calm weeping babies.  If you notice, you will see that they come in different sizes.   There are those that are square while they are those that are specially shaped to easily swathe the baby.  Those that come with fasteners keep the baby in position.  There are also those that allow you to change the baby’s diaper without having to remove all the swaddle.
  • Security – is a baby blanket that a child grows to love.  These so-called security blankets are commonly made of fleece and usually come with a cute and cuddly yet worn out stuffed toy.  These blankets should be sturdy as they are greatly used to appease and comfort a child until they grow into toddlers (or even as adults).
  • Sleep – sleep blankets or sleep sacks are those you can use to cover your baby while they sleep.  These are not similar to the traditional blankets that grownups also use to keep them warm at night.  These are pretty much like sleeping bags where you can place your baby inside without the hazard of choking in their sleep.  For this reason, they are considered as a safer choice to keep your baby company during the night.  With this baby blanket, your baby is snugly covered without being wrapped too tightly.  The baby can still move around a bit.
  • Quilt – if you need to temporarily place your baby on the floor, then this is a great choice.  Baby quilts are commonly used as short-term beddings.  These make as good room decors too!

So what are you going to use your baby blanket for?  Are you going to use them to wipe snot or baby dirt?  Will you be using them to swaddle your baby?  Will you use them at night to keep them warm?  Is a cute décor what you have in mind?  Or will you use them to comfort your child?

Whatever purpose it may serve, one thing is for sure.  A baby blanket is indeed a must-buy for parents!

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