Baby Beach Tent and Other Types of Tents

baby beach tentA baby beach tent is every mom’s simple solution when it comes to keeping babies and kids safe from the sun’s harmful rays.  But do you want to know more of this ingenious gear?  This post will share with you some interesting things about the beach baby tent.


Baby Beach Tent VS. Sun Umbrella

Gone are the days when moms avoid the beach because of fear of hurting their baby’s delicate skin.  These days, we have sun umbrellas and beach tents to choose from.  But how do you know which one is more appropriate for your little one?

The umbrella is more suited for the grownups or lovely couples who want some shade under the sun.  With the umbrella, the adults can easily get up from under the umbrella to enjoy the beach.  But this is not the case when you are out in the beach with your babies and toddlers.

Moms with two to three kids will be busy applying sunscreen one kid at a time.  Do you think the other two will patiently wait for their turn to be slathered with sunblock?  Unfortunately, no!  They will want to rush to the shore to play with the sand even without sun protection.

A baby beach tent is the practical choice for families with children.  While mom is busy unpacking the snacks and applying lotion on John, little Andrea and baby Karl can play with the toys that mom placed in the tent for them.

The tent keeps them from wandering around the beach unsupervised.  After playing inside the tent, the babies can take their naps while mom starts to pack their belongings.  A baby beach tent really is a sensible life-saver.


Baby Beach Tent and Other Types of Tents

If you intend to spend all day in the beach or camp out with your baby friends, make sure that you bring a tent that suits you and your baby’s needs.  Fortunately, there are so many choices available today that picking one will not be that difficult.  Here are the different options:

  • Baby beach tent – this will be exclusively used by your little one.  You can keep your child inside to keep him busy while you are preparing meals by the beach.  This is probably the easiest way to keep a watchful eye on your angel.  About two children can fit inside so the baby and another kid can play together.  Aside from playing inside the baby beach tent, your baby can also take those much-needed naps.
  • Tent for the whole family – if there are many people who can look after your kids, this is a good choice.  This tent is bigger and can accommodate a family, plus their stuff (even chairs too).  This type usually doesn’t have flooring which is good if you want older kids to make sandcastles even without baking under the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Pop-up tents – as the name implies, these tents easily pop up.  This is a great option if you have a toddler who is always in a hurry to go to the beach (or anywhere).   Because of their ease of use, they can be quite pricey compared to their counterparts.  However, they are lightweight and are easy to install.
  • UPF-protected sun shade – this is a detachable shade that you can simply attach to your beach umbrella.  The best thing about this is that you can move this shade as the sun changes its position.

So have you learned more about baby beach tent and other tents from this post?

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